How to get good reviews 7 easy tips

1. Pay some attention to your existing¬† reviews. This may sound a little obvious, but most companies simply ignore existing reviews both the good ones and the bad ones. Your not going to generate any good reviews if you don’t have happy or new customers to write them for you (please note it is illegal […]

10 Tips on using LinkedIn for personal online reputation

Whether you are a customer facing employee, CEO, high ranking member of staff or candidate looking for job it is important that you have a good personal online reputation. LinkedIn is a fantastic business tool for both professionals searching for information on a individual or for building your own visibility and online reputation. There are […]

Zero moment of truth

The zero moment of truth Do you know at what stage in the sales and buying cycle your customers make a purchase decision? As products become more complex and choice becomes greater, consumers turn to the internet for guidance and assistance when making a purchase decision. On the internet they have up to date, on […]

Removing bad reviews

Removing bad reviews We can remove and suppress bad reviews. The internet is a constantly enveloping place, it offers a way to manage all aspects of day to day life such as finding a nice restaurant to eat at,¬† hotel to stay in, best deal on a product or finding a good plumber or local […]

How to write to reply to respond to a bad review

You should always respond to any negative comments and good ones for that matter. But unfortunately most go unanswered and this leaves potential customers thinking that you do not care about them To respond correctly first you must claim your business listing on the review sites and/or Google places, this will ensure you are ready […]