Press Release HOW TO MANAGE YOUR CHILDREN’S REPUTATION ONLINE 4 Oct, 2012 12:21 CET Private information on the Internet is not so private, and the way your children interact on the web today could come back and harm them later on in adult life  In today’s connected world, nine out of ten children have a […]

How to manage your children’s reputation online

Lesson 1 On the web private information is not so private. You must explain to your kids that every time they update their Facebook status, upload a photo or send a tweet that the information becomes public information. Even if they delete the photo or remove the tweet, its more than likely that a problem […]

Personal Individual online reputation management

We offer a full service personal and individual reputation management solution. Our comprehensive tailor made solutions are designed to repair and enhance your reputation online. When you apply for job interview or meet a new potential client, what do they do? They Google your name, they are looking to find information that isn’t in your […]

10 Tips on using LinkedIn for personal online reputation

Whether you are a customer facing employee, CEO, high ranking member of staff or candidate looking for job it is important that you have a good personal online reputation. LinkedIn is a fantastic business tool for both professionals searching for information on a individual or for building your own visibility and online reputation. There are […]