The Ultimate Guide To Losing Your Job Via Twitter

Its still amazes us that people are so frivolous when it comes to updating their social media. If you wouldn’t say it out loud in the office then you really shouldn’t post it so everyone and anyone can read it.

However if you are looking to lose your job and you have a Twitter account then anyone of these should do the trick.

Why not have a little nap, go on no one will find out….

Go to work drunk? Employee of the month for you!

The dog ate my tweet. Why not tell a lie? Shussh

Trick your dumb boss into doing your work and you can go tweet

Hmm you do drugs? At work? Wow let me give you a raise

Sexual harassment is always fun……

Why work when you can tweet?

Co worker has a hygiene problem, tell HR or better yet tell the world on twitter

Work hard and get chocolate as a reward or just steal it. Decisions, decisions

Well you did work overtime, so that’s OK right?

Forget the secretary lets go for gold

Those damm customers

Hate Jeff? Then lets kill him, seems totally reasonable

I’m late and I don’t care

Work, pretty much like a Sunday afternoon


It may not seem important at the time, but everything you post online be it a tweet, blog post or Facebook status has the potential to come back and bite you in the butt. Even if you protect your tweets it doesn’t mean you are safe, if a friend retweets your tweet, its then in the public eye for all to see, same goes for deleting a tweet, it doesn’t mean you are safe either.  Anyone could have copied or shared your tweet prior to you deleting it which means its out there and out of your control.

As social media offers deep insights into someone’s behaviour in a way that a CV or referral never will more and more employers are vetting peoples social media accounts before offering that dream job. Think before you post, your personal online reputation is important.