How to chase good reviews

Trading on the internet, as any business will tell you, is a cut-throat business where reputation is everything. Figures show that customers actively seek out good reviews before making a purchase, and will abandon any trader that had poor feedback, often irrespective of the quality and price of the goods. It’s been shown that you […]

3 easy steps to a build a top notch online reputation

1. Assess your current reputation What do the search engine result pages say about your name and brand terms? What do the review sites say? Are people talking about you on social media channels? What are people saying on websites and blogs? Its close to 97% of all consumers now conduct online research before making […]

Do you need online reputation management

Most businesses don’t believe they do and see online reputation management as a tool to clear up negative content such a bad fake review after the event. The truth of the matter is that the best time to conduct ORM is when you don’t actually need it. The prevention is much quicker and cheaper than […]

Business reputation management

We offer fully comprehensive solutions that will fix your businesses reputation. We focus on removing and suppressing harmful negative information from the internet as well as creating positive content that is shown on page 1 of Google and other search engines. Our proven techniques and working relationships with review sites means we can act fast […]