How to get good reviews 7 easy tips

1. Pay some attention to your existing  reviews.

This may sound a little obvious, but most companies simply ignore existing reviews both the good ones and the bad ones. Your not going to generate any good reviews if you don’t have happy or new customers to write them for you (please note it is illegal to produce false reviews and doing so will land you in big trouble with the law and damage your online reputation beyond repair).

If you have existing reviews take the time to respond to them, you can find more information on how to do that here. Its also important to resolve any existing issues that effect customers by changing the way you work and by educating your staff.

2. Ask for reviews.

When asking for a review its important that you do just that and ask for a review, don’t ask for good reviews and don’t do it until you have completed the job or processed the transaction, only then will it make sense that they should review you.

Let  the customer know that the company takes their opinions and feedback seriously and that you constantly monitor your progress to improve customer satisfaction.

The Got Juice review and referral tool makes this easy, it will ensure you gain new reviews and new business while funnelling the back negative reviews directly to you ensuring that you can improve and importantly making sure that they (negative feedback) never see the public eye.

3. Ensure you have a web presence

Its common for customers to engage with companies online, asking them to post a review can be off putting , however directing them to your Twitter or Facebook fan page is common and they are accustomed to posting online about every experience they have, do this and they will share their experience with not only you but also with their friends without any prompting.

4. Respond to bad reviews immediately .

Its always important to respond to any bad reviews immediately and its very important to resit the urge to try defend your company, product, or employee, this approach will make you look uncaring and will only make things worse.

You have to look at the customers problem, put yourself in their shoes and then resolve it it the best possible way. If a bad review is justified then thank the customer for their valuable feedback and make apologies for the bad experience and take steps to resolve it. By using this approach you will find more often than not that a customer will update the review without prompting to reflect the outcome and you will have turned a negative into a positive, shown that you act quickly, take customer feedback seriously and proven that your businesses is dedicated to improving.

5. Talk directly to negative reviewers.

Its important to do this in the public eye (its also best practice to send a private message and email as a follow up) offer solutions and constructive feedback and never ever argue with the customer.

6. More reviews can balance the scale.

The more good reviews you gain the better the odds are on protecting yourself against any bad reviews. By having only a few reviews puts you in a dangerous position, if you have only 2 good reviews for example which gives you a 5 star rating and along comes a bad review then you are immediately at a 3 star rating. However if you have 20 good reviews and along comes a negative review then you can absorb this with little effect on your rating.

Our review and referral tool, will always ensure that negative reviews are sent directly to you and only good reviews are pushed onto the review sites.

7. Make its easy for the customer to leave reviews.

There is no better way to do this than to offer your customer a simple 3rd party solution such as the Got Juice online reputation review tool, it makes it a simple as clicking twice to create a good review.

Asking a customer to go search for  a review site or multiple review sites and your social media channels is far too much effort and is completely fruitless they simply won’t do it. You have to make this process as simple as possible if you want to gain new business with reviews.