Fix bad reviews on tripadvisor, yell, qype, trust pilot and all review sites

Fix bad reviews – 4 tips for tripadvisor, yell, qype, trust pilot and all review sites

Reviews sites such as tripadvisor, yell, yelp, qype, the review centre, trust pilot, google local, google plus + can offer a really helpful service to consumers when making a purchase decision, and good positive reviews can create excellent word of mouth which leads to new referrals which offer a far greater return on investment (ROI) than any other form of advertising.

However these same sites also offer the consumer a chance to leave negative bad reviews which can harm your reputation and your sales both short term and long term.

The best solution is to put in place a long term low cost solution such as the Got juice review management platform., which will ensure that no negative reviews or comments ever see the public eye and will create and promote positive actions such as gaining a good review or a Facebook fan page like.

It is always important to respond to both good and bad reviews this shows that you take customer feedback seriously and in turn will lead to better reputation, here are 5 easy steps that will help fix bad reviews, improve your customer service and online reputation.

1) Review your profile on all review sites daily

If you have been told you have a bad review then you have already left it too late. You should have active accounts on all the review platforms which will enable you to respond immediately when a customer leaves a review.

Your review platform profiles should be pro actively managed, by regularly visiting them you will always be aware of what is being said about your business and you will be able to address any concerns left by upset customers and thank customers who have left positive reviews

At the end of this post there is a link to a page which will teach you how to respond to both bad and good reviews.

By visiting your listings on the review sites you will also gain unbiased (unless you have a malicious problem) and free market research, if you notice that you have many reviews with the same issue you will be able to identify areas of improvement, you will also learn what customers love about your service. In addition your presence will show that your business truly cares about customer feedback.

2) Find the true nature of the complaint

If you find a negative bad review, remember to take a moment to put yourself in the mindset of your customer, do not respond with emotion. Think about why the customer has left the review and what has caused them to become upset and look for an opportunity to resolve the issue, retain the customer and gain new customers. You must turn the negative into a positive.

3) Respond to the customer by both private message and with a public response

You must always respond to all negative reviews and it is certainly a good idea to thank all customers who leave a positive review too.
When responding to a negative review you must show empathy, do not offer excuses or argue with the customer as this will only lead to further negative press. Reassure the customer that you truly value their feedback and their business and offer a specific solution to either make amends or solve their issue(s), speak to them on a personal level and provide them with direct contact numbers and an email address so they can get in touch with ease, the personal gesture will provide the customer with a satisfaction that their complaint is been handled by someone directly and even if they choose not to respond to you, they and others will know that you made the effort.

Do not ever make a request that a customer should remove their review, this will make your offer of help look completely fake, even if the problem is solved you should not ask for this, a happy customer will do this without asking. It may be prudent to ask the customer if they are 100% satisfied that a issue has been resolved or solution has been made and if they say yes then you may seed the idea that the negative review could be updated to reflect this.

By finding a bad review, responding to the review and solving the problem and the customer leaving an positive update will show that although on occasion you make mistakes you are quick to learn and offer solutions. This will enhance your reputation both online and by word of mouth.

4) Get new positive reviews

The easiest and most simple way to improve your ratings is by gaining new reviews, there are many ways to do this but the most simple and effective way is to provide a great service and to ensure that your customers know that you take customer care and feed back seriously.

The Got Juice review platform takes the hard work out of managing your reputation online, we ensure that bad reviews are never shown to the public and are funnelled back directly to you, so you can improve your business and that good comments and reviews are created which will lead to an increase in sales and positive word of mouth. In addition our platform will lead to all staff providing an enhanced level of service at all times.

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