Groupon deals “are bad for business and for customers”

PRESS RELEASE Are customers on cheap offers given second class service? Some companies offering deals via the Groupon discount website are offering customers a second class service that is more likely to lose them business. That’s the finding of a specialist online reputation company which has uncovered cases of Groupon voucher holders getting a worse […]

How to chase good reviews

Trading on the internet, as any business will tell you, is a cut-throat business where reputation is everything. Figures show that customers actively seek out good reviews before making a purchase, and will abandon any trader that had poor feedback, often irrespective of the quality and price of the goods. It’s been shown that you […]

Increase restaurant bookings with good reviews

Its common sense and something every restaurant owner knows, a good review can increase sales and table bookings and bad one can quickly lead to ruin. But the vast majority of restaurateurs do nothing to encourage positive reviews or to deal with negative reviews. In an age where everyone is a critic thanks to websites […]

How to fix bad restaurant reviews

It can seem like an impossible ask to repair your restaurants reputation, bad reviews have a horrible habit of creating word of mouth campaigns that spread fast both on the internet and by word of mouth. These bad reviews can and will harm your business, effect sales and if left alone can destroy a business. […]

How to get good reviews 7 easy tips

1. Pay some attention to your existing  reviews. This may sound a little obvious, but most companies simply ignore existing reviews both the good ones and the bad ones. Your not going to generate any good reviews if you don’t have happy or new customers to write them for you (please note it is illegal […]

Removing bad reviews

Removing bad reviews We can remove and suppress bad reviews. The internet is a constantly enveloping place, it offers a way to manage all aspects of day to day life such as finding a nice restaurant to eat at,  hotel to stay in, best deal on a product or finding a good plumber or local […]