How to manage your children’s reputation online

Lesson 1 On the web private information is not so private. You must explain to your kids that every time they update their Facebook status, upload a photo or send a tweet that the information becomes public information. Even if they delete the photo or remove the tweet, its more than likely that a problem […]

Personal Individual online reputation management

We offer a full service personal and individual reputation management solution. Our comprehensive tailor made solutions are designed to repair and enhance your reputation online. When you apply for job interview or meet a new potential client, what do they do? They Google your name, they are looking to find information that isn’t in your […]

Business reputation management

We offer fully comprehensive solutions that will fix your businesses reputation. We focus on removing and suppressing harmful negative information from the internet as well as creating positive content that is shown on page 1 of Google and other search engines. Our proven techniques and working relationships with review sites means we can act fast […]

How to fix bad restaurant reviews

It can seem like an impossible ask to repair your restaurants reputation, bad reviews have a horrible habit of creating word of mouth campaigns that spread fast both on the internet and by word of mouth. These bad reviews can and will harm your business, effect sales and if left alone can destroy a business. […]