Removing bad reviews

Removing bad reviews

We can remove and suppress bad reviews.

The internet is a constantly enveloping place, it offers a way to manage all aspects of day to day life such as finding a nice restaurant to eat at,  hotel to stay in, best deal on a product or finding a good plumber or local hairdressers.

As consumers this is fantastic, for a business however it can spell disaster.

The internet can have a devastating effect on a business, as increase our use of the internet  there are more and more platforms emerging that allow for people to comment on your business and your service.

With almost 85% of customers searching online for reviews before making a purchase its never been more important to have a good clean online reputation and positive reviews. If you have bad (negative) reviews and comments this will seriously harm your business and profits overnight, it will lead directly to a drop in sales and create nasty viral word of mouth campaigns that can prove hard to stop. You must take action to remove bad reviews.

There is also the chance that an unprofessional competitor or disgruntled ex employee will try and damage your online reputation by posting fake reviews, comments and create negative blogs or articles which left alone will have the same negative effect and linger in the search results for years to come.

It will never look good for your business when a potential new customer searches for your name in Google (or any other search engine) and is presented with a page full of bad reviews and negative comments about you. Even if the reviews and comments are years old and issues have long since been resolved the negative effect will remain the same.

The Got Juice online reputation management service can remove and suppress all negative reviews and comments, we can put a simple yet affective process in place to gain positive reviews and comments that will lead to a increase in sales and great word of mouth and we will push down the negative removing it from the eyes of your customers.

We can also help create positive press for individuals and companies that do not have bad reviews but would like good news stories shown when their name gets searched.

Take action today, before its to late.