Personal Individual online reputation management

We offer a full service personal and individual reputation management solution.

Our comprehensive tailor made solutions are designed to repair and enhance your reputation online.

When you apply for job interview or meet a new potential client, what do they do? They Google your name, they are looking to find information that isn’t in your CV or sales material and the information they find out about you online will be used to form a opinion and judgement about you.

If they find negative information on you that is true or false, this will immediately raise concerns and will cost you that promotion, new job or new client. You will not get a chance to explain, they will simply cease to have any further communication with you as there opinion has been made.

A single negative comment can drastically change your bank balance, and cost you relationships and friends in the process and the longer that the negative press is left the stronger it will become, higher up in the search engine results it will go and harder it will be to both repair, remove or suppress it.

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